WordPress Security Plugins:
Secure Your WordPress Now

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms out there, over 74,000,000 websites use WordPress as a hosting platform.

The easiest form of security for a WordPress Website are WordPress security plugins.

The versatile platform can be used for a variety of purposes by major media companies on the web.

No matter what you use your WordPress website for you need to ensure its security. You can secure it by choosing from the WordPress security plugins below.

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WordPress Website Stats

In just over one month running, a recently created blog hosted on its own website with the WordPress platform, has had 735 malicious login attempts.

Login Attempt Failed


The number of people who target WordPress is only growing. Approximately 30,000 websites are hacked a day according to Forbes.

Things To Look For When Choosing Your WordPress Security Plugins

When it comes time to choose a WordPress security plugin, you are going to want to keep an eye out for certain aspects of the plugin.

List Of WordPress Secuirty Plugins

Installing the wrong security plugin could lead to you having a website that you trust more than you should.

The first thing that you should look for is to see if the plugin has been tested with your version of WordPress.

If a plugin isn’t tested with your version of WordPress there is a chance that it will still protect the security of your webpage but often times WordPress updates will make at least part of the security plugin null and void.

Just remember that after a WordPress update new versions of plugins may not be available right away.

You will also want to check the last time the plugin was updated.

There are a lot of plugins in the WordPress library that haven’t been updated for over a year. Older programs cannot possibly know the demands of today’s security needs.

It is highly recommended that you select a security plugin that has been updated within the month. Security needs are always changing and your security software should be changing to meet them.

There are two last things that you should pay attention to.

The reviews and the number of active installs.

The reviews will give you an idea of users experience with the product. Don’t be afraid if there are a couple of negative reviews.

Almost any plugin or program will have some negative reviews. Determine whether there are a significant number of negative reviews for you to move on to another plugin.

The number of active installs is also an indication how good the plugin.  So you should pay very close attention to that as well and make a decision that is suitable for your website.

How To Install A WordPress Plugin

Before utilizing a WordPress plugin you should know how to install one.

For most WordPress plugins it is extremely easy to install. The easiest plugins are installed without leaving WordPress. Don’t forget to backup your WordPress database with the export option before installing any plugin or doing updates just to be safe.

(Click here to learn how to install WordPress Plugins)

Best WordPress Security Plugins

As already stated, one of the best ways to secure your WordPress website is with plugins. This list of plugins contains some of the best plugin options you can find on the internet along with their ratings

Wordfence is both free and open source, making it a good selection to increase the security of your WordPress website.

Download Wordfence Security Plugin

As far as features go Wordfence Security comes jam packed with tools and scanning power. It starts off by scanning your site in the first place to see if it is already infected or compromised and works from there to improve the security of your site.

Utilizing a networked database of IP addresses and user information Wordfence is capable of detecting visitors to your site who might cause harm and block them. This include bots who are attempting to scan your website for vulnerabilities. Wordfence will even help you ensure that your passwords are up to snuff.

Another great feature of this plugin is that it is capable of monitoring the security for all of your websites from one dashboard. You won’t have to switch dashboards to check the status of your other site’s security.

For those looking for additional security Wordfence Security also has a premium version with more features that is better able to ensure the security of your website. For switching to premium services you will unlock 10 new features.

With iThemes you can strengthen the security of your WordPress website by determining vulnerabilities and fixing them.

Download IThemes Security Plugin

A built in banning system will block troublesome users and bots that are trying to access and user your website for malicious purposes. A large number of hacks are conducted by the brute force attack method. This means that someone tries to get your password by continuing to guess.

iThemes stops brute force attacks in their tracks by detecting when a user tried to log in too many times and blocking them. This isn’t if you try a few times because you forget your password, more if you start guessing a password a large number of times.

It doesn’t just look at your password and tell you how good it is, it enforces the use of strong passwords among all of the users of your website. This is configurable for lower level accounts but mandatory for upper level accounts if turned on.

Like with other security plugins iThemes is free for standard features but contains a variety of upgraded features for those who want to become premium users.

Premium users of iThemes security get about 12 more features.

BulletProof Security for WordPress is simple to install, it only takes one click.

Download BulletProof Security Plugin

Once installed and activated BulletProof Security creates a firewall and monitors login attempts. It will log brute force attacks and block potentially hazardous users.

Backing up your WordPress databases is incredibly important. This is where all of your information such as posts are stored. BulletProof security conducts backups as part of the regular service.

It can be setup to backup the whole database or only a part of it.

You can schedule the backups and even receive a zipped copy of the backup in your email inbox. The standard account with BulletProof Security is free. A premium account will unlock more than 10 additional features that can dramatically increase the security of your WordPress website.

While it isn’t an antivirus that you would see running on your computer AntiVirus is a WordPress plugin that is capable of detecting possible compromises and vulnerabilities in your WordPress website.

Download AntiVirus Secuirty Plugin

It scans your website daily and emails you notifications if it finds anything.

If infections of your WordPress copy are found it will alert you in the admin bar of your WordPress installation.

AntiVirus isn’t a big complicated program like the previously mentioned plugins. It is quite lightweight and easy to use. There are no “premium” user levels for this plugin and everything offered is free.

This plugin is a great option if you are just trying to determine whether or not your website has been compromised.

As the name of this plugin implies All In One WP Security and Firewall is capable of handling all security features of WordPress.

Download All In One WP Security And Firewall Security Plugin

The features start with adding extra security to the user accounts.

User accounts will be scanned for spam, password security, and much more. They also add captcha support and prevent brute force attacks.

All In One WP Security and Firewall also comes with a complete scanning package that allows it to detect, identify, and eliminate most WordPress threats. It scans the database, the file system, and functionality. The firewall prevents malicious scripts from outside of your website before they even reach the gates of your WordPress’s file system.

Spam prevention and content copy protection are all bonus features included with this plugin. This plugin is free and fairly easy to setup.

With all of the features included it might be one of the heaviest WordPress security plugins available for free.

This plugin is a comprehensive plugin that covers everything you would want from a security program.

Download Sucuri Security Plugin

It monitors and audits security and file activity to ensure that there are no intrusions. This includes malware scanning to make sure none of your files are infected. Among its other features Sucuri does in fact have a feature that none of the other plugins have advertised.

Sucuri has procedures for post-hack security and recovery. You will be able to secure and restore your website faster. Sucuri is free with the option to activate an additional website firewall if purchased.

WP Antivirus Site Protection performs deep scans of the website to detect viruses.

Download WP Antivirus Site Protection

Every day the virus database is updated to ensure that all possible viruses can be found. Any viruses or malware found is quarantined and/or removed.

Notifications can be displayed in the admin panel but also can email you with what virus was detected and the response(s) taken. The WP Antivirus Site Protection plugin is free and only requires an API access key from the developers SiteGuarding.

WP Security Audit Log is a tool for monitoring and logging all activity on your WordPress website.

Download WP Security Audit Log

It stores this data and is capable of displaying it in either as a HTML report or a CSV report. All of the historic material is searchable.

That means you can locate just about any kind of security issue you might come across.

Using WP Security Audit Log you can identify when a security risk happens and use the audits to best combat it. This plugin is free.

All of these WordPress security plugins will help secure your website and prevent you from becoming one of the statistics.

But keep in mind that having the right security plugin is a small piece of the equation. You have to make sure your WordPress install, themes, are plugins are all updated to the latest versions. You also have to keep your personal computer and your hosting platforms free of malware and viruses.

Determining which security plugin(s) meet your needs is up to you. Every user is different and has a different expertise. With these plugins you can rest easy knowing that your WordPress website is safe.

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