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Every single day tens of thousands of WordPress websites are attacked.

If you're a WordPress website owner who thinks their website is too small or too insignificant for a hacker to target, think again.

Most of the WordPress website attacks these days are completely automated which means no website is safe.

But there is a common misconception that viruses and malware are distributed by gambling sites or other sites of a dubious nature.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

According to a Q2 2016 study by Sucuri, a multi-platform security company, WordPress continues to lead the infected websites they worked on (at 74%).


It's the small businesses, the personal blogger, the hobbyist, the sites that are just hanging around online that are not getting updated.

Yes, it's actually quite scary when I think about whatever a hacker could possibly do once they get access to your administration backend.

In Q2 2016 Sucuri reported that backdoors continue to be one of the many post-hack actions attackers take, with 71% of the infected sites having some form of backdoor injection.


Chances are, this completely unknown to you…

And before you know it, your site is blacklisted by Google, and they are warning people not to visit your site because your site may harm their computers…

But It DOESN'T have To Be This Way! There Is A Solution...

Today I want to introduce you to:

WordPress Security Ultimate Step by Step Video Guide


This WordPress security video course will provide you with all the tools you need to get you started.

The steps you need to take to avoid all the security issues don’t require you to be a computer expert or a WordPress Security Guru.

All you need is a basic knowledge of WordPress and how to login to your web hosting account.  I’ll show you what steps you must take to prevent a hostile takeover of your WordPress site!

These WordPress security actions will safely secure your WordPress site. You will be able to:


Protect Your Computer - Protecting your computer is the first line of defense simply because malware and viruses that enter your computer and files could then enter your WordPress files that you upload to your site.


Eliminate Web Server Vulnerabilities – This is often overlooked. I will provide the key to closing the potential backdoors and security breaches.


WordPress Security Scanners - Just like having anti-virus scanners on your computer, it’s important to have something similar for your WordPress site. In this video, we will compare several different wordpress security plugins, but primarily focus on WordPress security scanners to detect malware in your site before it’s too late.


Regularly schedule backup Your WordPress Database - This is one of the most crucial steps.


Lock down File & Directory Permissions - Understanding how file and directory permissions impact your wordpress security is important. In this video, you’ll learn how to change permissions of files and folders the right way.


Software Updates - Combating any possible security issues starts with having the latest software. I will show you how simple it is to do these updates.


Firewall Lockdown - - Just like protecting your computer with firewalls, in this video, you’ll learn how to protect whole WordPress site and block out spam bots.


Keeping an Watchful eye on your files - Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a way to monitor your files and get notified if someone edits your files without your permission? You’ll learn that and more in this video.


And so much more...

I created this WordPress Security video course for all WordPress users just like you.

This plan is proven and is simple to follow…

…you just need to use this powerful training to guide you in the right direction.

It is PERFECT for anyone who already has a WordPress site and even if you're getting started, it'll help you protect it from HACKERS.

And price shouldn’t be an issue, because you can have access to the complete “WordPress Security Ultimate Step by Step Video Guide” training for just $27.


WordPress Security - The Ultimate Security Guide

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