10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared (2017 Update)

If your business is dependent on your website and you don’t have backups, you are making a serious mistake. You website down time can affect profits, customer satisfaction, potential investors and your search engine ranking (Source: : Profitability Customer Satisfaction Potential Investors Search Ranking I think you can agree with me when I say:…

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Top 15 WordPress Plugins Every WordPress Website Needs [100% Free]

My Must Have WordPress Plugins

  Every year thousands of developers create WordPress plugins to help us move our website to the next level.  This is due to the usage of WordPress. Statistics show that you are most likely using WordPress as the content management software for your site. In fact, most recent stats show that WordPress is the tool…

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4 Reasons Why You Should Backup your WordPress Website [#3 is so unpredictable]

There are many reasons why you should back up your computer’s hard drive. They mostly revolve around malware that can rend your computer inoperative, hardware failures that could destroy data or a computer that suddenly doesn’t want to work anymore. A wayward power surge, magnet or spilled drink can ruin your computer forever. You might…

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WordPress Tips & Tricks – Finding the Best Plugins for Your Website

A new visitor to your website makes a split-second decision about you and whether or not you provide beneficial products, services or information. One way to make the right first impression with your website visitors is to have eye-catching visual elements and features throughout your site. There WordPress tips and tricks will help your business…

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Are You Using WordPress to Its Full Potential?

WordPress has become one of the leading content management systems, touted for its easy site design and publication tools, from home bloggers to big businesses. More than 26 percent of Web sites are using WordPress — giving it a 59.4 percent market share. With a wide variety of theme options from designers around the world,…

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11 Free WordPress Social Sharing Plugins That Will Maximize Your Social Media Reach.

Social Sharing

Remember the days when social media websites weren’t that promising, when an RSS feed and search engines were the only way to find certain blogs and websites? But today you need social media websites.  You can accomplish this by using free WordPress social sharing plugins If you are not sharing your website or business via…

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WordPress Content Marketing [Infographic On How To Build Links Quickly With Relevant WordPress Websites]

WordPress Content Marketing

What are some of the best ways to market your content? On a daily basis, I go through the process of finding ways to market and get traffic to my website. During this daily grind, I came across this very informative infographic on how to Market your WordPress content by CloudWays. This WordPress infographic provides…

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WordPress Security Plugins [ 9 Plugins You Can Use Secure Your Website]


WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms out there, over 74,000,000 websites use WordPress as a hosting platform. The easiest form of security for a WordPress Website are WordPress security plugins. The versatile platform can be used for a variety of purposes by major media companies on the web. No matter what you use…

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WordPress Theme Features [7 Best Practices Before Selecting A Theme]

Choosing A WordPress Theme

It is no secret having an WordPress Theme that is user friendly is one of the most important piece when creating a WordPress website. In fact your WordPress theme features can make or break your business. Bottom line, pick a theme that is makes your site very user friendly. In this article, you will get…

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